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HipStore has already proved very popular, with millions of Android users worldwide.

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The HipStore Android app is packed with thousands of mod apps and games, as well as lots of other content, including working emulators, media streaming apps, screen recorders, and more.

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Video Instructions for Installation:


How to Install HipStore APK:

HipStore is an unofficial store so it is a little different to download than apps from the PlayStore. It requires you to manually download and install the HipStore.apk file on your device, which isn’t difficult – just make sure you follow this guide exactly to ensure success:

  1. Open your Android Settings app and go to Security or Privacy, depending on which firmware version you have
  2. Enable the option to allow downloads from Unknown Sources and close Settings
  3. Use your browser to open the HipStore download page from the link above.
  4. Download the HipStore.apk file.
  5. Open your Downloads location and double-tap on the file to start the installation. hipstore android
  6. Follow the installation directions that appear and wait for the HipStore icon to appear on your home screen – the HipStore Android app store is ready to use

HipStore Android App Features:

HipStore is packed with cool features, including the following:

  • APK Feature: Users manually download the HipStore APK to ensure it is fully available, along with everything in it. All games and apps are free of viruses and completely free.
  • Latest Mod Versions: To date, there are over 100,000 mod apps, games, tools, and more in HipStore, all with added functions and features over the official PlayStore versions. 
  • Fast Download Speeds: Many of the mods you find on the internet today are slow to download, mostly due to bandwidth issues and the size of the app. HipStore is developed by senior Android engineers and they have ensured that all downloads are safe and fast; no longer do you have to wait and pray that your download is successful.
  • App Reviews: HipStore also uses reviews to find the best content and recommend it to users, along with other popular games and apps.
  • Top Trending Apps: When you download HipStore, you will also see a list of the most popular games worldwide, giving you quick and easy access to mod content.

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HipStore is new, but it is already being used by millions of people worldwide. It is an appstore, similar to the official Android PlayStore that allows you to download apps onto your phone.