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HipStore is one of the most popular 3rd-party iPhone appstore, providing iOS users with a great choice of mod games, tweaked apps, tweaks, emulators, and much more.


The HipStore app is all free, and now the developers have widened support to include Android and desktop operating systems. Here’s everything you need to know.

Download  on iPhone

Download on Android

How to Download HipStore on iPhone:

  1. Using the Safari browser, click on the download button above.
  2. Download the HipStore configuration profile
  3. On the new page, tap Install
  4. Your iOS Settings app will open; tap Install Profile and type your passcode in if needed
  5. Safari browser opens, tap on Install
  6. Tap Install on the popup window, and Settings opens again
  7. Tap on Install > Next > Done on the pages that open
  8. When the HipStore icon is on your home page, the store is installed

How to Use HipStore on iOS:

  1. Launch HipStore
  2. Find and tap on an app or game
  3. Tap Install
  4. Follow the installation directions on the screen, and the app is installed when you see the icon on your home page.

HipStore App Features:

The two main features are that HipStore is free to use, and you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use it. Perhaps the biggest feature is all the content on offer – here’s what you get:

  • App Store Apps – Lots of iOS and Android apps for free
  • Exclusive Apps – Lots of third-party apps, including emulators, streaming apps, and more
  • Tweaked Apps – Stock apps with extra features
  • Modified Games – Stock games from the HappMod Appstore with new features and in-app features unlocked

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is HipStore Safe?

Yes, it is. Regular updates fix any bugs or issues that arise but its down to you to install them. We also tested it and didn’t find anything that could harm your data or device but we still recommend you use good antivirus protection on your device.

  • Why Does the HipStore Certificate Get Revoked?

HipStore app store allows you to download modified apps that are not accepted in the iOS appstore. This is because they do not meet Apple’s strict requirements. Developers upload their apps to HipStore so people can use them but HipStore uses enterprise certificates to allow for these downloads without a jailbreak. Apple frequently revokes these certificates, stopping HipStore from working.

  • How Do HipStore VIP and HipStore Free Version Differ?

VIP is a paid version of the app store, with extra content, no ads, faster downloads and other exclusive features. Not long ago, if you wanted to use HipStore on more than one device, you had to purchase one VIP app per device. Now you can set up a HipStore Membership, link all your devices (not cross-platform) and use one VIP purchase on all devices. Also, if you already have a membership due for renewal in less than 60 days, you can get a 10% discount. You do not want to get Premium HipStore, then you can download the Jojoy App, which offers the same features for free.

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HipStore is your all-in-one app store experience, offering some cool features for free. Try it today and join millions of other users benefitting from everything it offers.